I’m Loren Lockman

and with Fran Turk we've founded
The Academy For Vibrant Living.

We are two passionate health coaches and friends, who suffered from many physical symptoms when we were younger.

After contracting chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, systemic candida, sinus infections and 57 allergies in 1984, I (Loren) walked away from medicine 3 years later without results, knowing I had to figure it out by myself and do things differently...

Now, I haven't been sick a day since. 100% true.

In a clean body, without toxicity and well hydrated, disease has no home.

I became a natural health coach in 1990 and in 1996 I opened Tanglewood Wellness Center, the biggest healing & detoxification center of the world, where thousands of people from all over the world have come to detox & heal their bodies.

I’ve already helped more than 14,000 clients from over 135 countries achieve amazing levels of health and vitality.

The body, when given a chance, unlocks incredible healing powers.

I’ve seen in my center how people healed diabetes type 2 (100% success), some cancers, hypertension (100% success), allergies, overweight, addictions, epilepsy, sinus infection, candida, and much more. 

Once you understand that most of the body's problems come from a high toxicity load, the next logical step is to CLEANSE it right? We all want to live long and fullfiling lives :)

The Academy For Vibrant Living Story

I’ve always wanted to create a health course in order to reach and help as many people as possible, but I never had the time to accomplish this because I was running one of the largest detox & healing centers in the world.

So one day I called Fran, a student and friend of mine, and proposed that we create a school together. Fran agreed and after 1 year of hard work, we built The Academy for Vibrant Living.

Fran has been a Health & Life Coach for 12 years now. He integrates meditation, spirituality, health and diet.

I was impressed with him when I met him and I knew he was the right person to help me build the Academy.

Since he was a student of mine and now we work together, we joke about the master-student relationship between Obi Wan and Luke!

It's fascinating to believe how much our lives have changed. We feel and function with high levels of energy all day long, which allows us to do what we love to do, like surfing, hiking, and working towards a healthier and better world!

We are free from wasting time and money on the medical system. We feel confident in our bodies and we don’t fear disease because our immune systems feel strong and vibrant.

Cleansing our bodies, eating optimally and meeting all of our bodys’ needs in the best possible way, has allowed us to increase our health, and thus our confidence in our own body. We feel so free and thankful!