Tanglewood Wellness Center

Located on the Gold Coast in Costa Rica

Our world-class Wellness Retreat Center, located on the Golden Coast of Costa Rica, resides in the one of the most beautiful paradises of the world. Its astonishing beauty takes your breath away. Everything here is so bright, pure and alive. You’ll feel the aliveness and vibrancy of all that surrounds you: flowers of all types, butterflies, hummingbirds, fruit-trees, mountains and waterfalls. An hour away from beautiful palm-lined beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

At our Wellness Center, we supervise water fasting sessions, host meditation and yoga retreats, conscious festivals, and the amazing annual live AVL events. As a VIP student you’ll have discounts.

AVL’s Live Annual Event!

Once you are a Vibrant Living student, you’ll be invited to attend our yearly event at our beautiful Wellness Center in Costa Rica for our 7-day live events. It will be a fun week full of amazing activities in paradise. This event is an opportunity to learn in person from Loren and Fran, share, make new friends, connect with nature and have fun with like-minded people from all over the world!

Warning, after spending some days here you might experience:

This natural paradise will enhance your connection with yourself and help you discover the vibrant life within you

Come feel part of the avl community!

For more information about our Wellness Center & upcoming events


Can I host a retreat?

If it aligns with our values, we would be happy to offer this beautiful space to you. All you need to do is email us, letting us know what the retreat is all about: info@academyforvibrantliving.com.

What do I need to bring?

  • Journaling notebook
  • Comfortable summer clothes
  • Sneakers and flip-flops
  • Beach and pool wear
  • Water bottle for hikes
  • Sunhat and long sleeved shirt and pants in case of mosquitos
  • We have yoga mats at the center- no need to bring yours!
  • Most importantly, your desire to enjoy, relax, detox, heal and have an AMAZING WEEK!

What food will be provided?

The menu is planned in order to nourish you with optimal, high quality food, to feel amazing and help your body detox. For these reasons we will be eating raw fruits, salads and veggies. You will be delighted by how satisfied you will feel and how many tropical food options you will have.

Can anyone come to the retreat?

Yes, it is for anyone who wants to improve their health, connect with themselves or simply have an enriching experience in the Costa Rican tropics.

Is there WIFI at the center?

No, so you will need to plug a network cable into your laptop or phone. If your laptop doesn’t have a network jack, please bring an ethernet adaptor so that you can connect the network cable to a USB port or Thunderbolt on your device.