What’s Possible In The Body: Its Real Potential

Reflection Questions

These reflection questions are meant to help you during this course as you go exploring yourself and getting to know yourself a little better. These self reflection questions can help you gain insight on your self and may help you bring learning to life. There is no requirement to hand them in, it is for your own use. They may be good questions to journal about.

  • When do you feel best in your body?
  • How connected are you to your body? Do you know what’s going on in there?
  • How is your mental clarity?
  • How committed are you to maximizing your potential?
  • What are your dreams?

Comprehension questions

These comprehension questions are meant to guide you as you watch each lesson. They point out the most important parts of the lessons. You will find some of these questions on the module quizzes. If you desire, you can answer the questions but there’s no requirement to hand them in.

  • What is our body’s true health potential? What is optimal health?
  • What happens to your skin when you optimize your health?
  • How can you maximize your potential?


Occasionally we will assign homework. There is no need to hand the assignments in. They are for your own use and assistance.

Start a daily journal noting how you feel in your body. You can take notes about anything but some ideas are jotting down how you feel after meals, when you feel the best during the day, what foods are easiest and hardest for you to digest, how you feel emotionally, how often you are eliminating, if you note any changes in your skin or mental clarity, etc. This is a good way of bringing awareness to your body.

Reading Support Material

Here you will find reading support material to complement the classes for your optimal learning. These readings are not mandatory and you will not be quizzed on this information.


At the end of every module, you will have to complete a simple quiz. In order to pass on to the next module you will need to have answered 80% of the questions correctly. You will be able to retake the quizzes as many times as necessary.