Our Programs

Our Programs


Our Signature Program

Inside, we give you our simple step-by-step guide designed to empower you and help you feel vibrant, healthy and joyful inside & out, each and every day, so that you can start living a purposeful life without limits…


Our Training Certification

Inside, we give you our step-by-step guide designed to train you and empower you so you become a talented, successful health coach.

- Professional Fulfilment
​- Freedom To Work From Anywhere In The World
​- Never Again Have A Boss
​- Helping People Thrive
​- Making Good Income

Or start with one of our smaller programs

The Perfect Detox Guide

Unlock The Healing Powers Of Your Body

Only $7

This practical 22-page guide will show you HOW TO CLEANSE YOUR BODY from toxic overload in a GRADUAL, POWERFUL and NATURAL way, so you can set yourself free from fatigue, allergies, sickness, disease and being overweight, for good.

21 Day Detox Challenge

Get 21 DAYS of Direct Guidance & Coaching By Loren

You'll get daily guidance, direction and motivation for 21 straight days so you can do it the RIGHT way. Without expensive supplements, overcomplicated formulas, or useless herbs!

7  Keys to Perfect Health

Discover and Master All Of Your Body’s Needs, So You Can Live A Life With The Highest Possible Wellbeing.

This is a introductory program of 4 hours of video-classes, written support material and bonus videos that are designed specifically to help you learn and apply the 7 keys to optimal health. The detoxification process is one, but there are six more. Applying all of them you'll ensure a very high level of vitality and health.

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